Book Reviews

Charles E. Hill, Who Chose the Gospels? Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), BYU Studies 51.2 (2012): 169–74.

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Bart Ehrman, The New Testament:  A Historical Introduction To The Early Christian Writings (3rd Ed.)(Oxford University Press 2004).  Review of Biblical Literature (Oct. 2004)( )

John Dart, Decoding Mark (Trinity Press International 2003).  Review of Biblical Literature (Sept. 2004)(

Clayton Croy, The Mutilation of Mark’s Gospel (Abingdon Press, 2003). Review of Biblical Literature (July 2004)(

A. van Aardes, Fatherless in Galilee (Trinity Press International, 2001).  Review of Biblical Literature (March 2004)(

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